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During his career he had learnt about many recipes and techniques of biscuits and cookies. This website is specially designed to fulfill the purpose of those who are working with bakery industry and want to explore their technical knowledge about manufacturing of cookies.

The Bakery Survey [Dot] com provides you the world best technical knowledge of bakery including easy preparation of cookies at both the levels domestic and commercial.

Biscuits or Cookies is one of the popular and classic snacks that kids love to eat. They are also the best items to prepare when you are really in mood for baking. They are quick and easy to prepare.

There are umpteen and endless number and variety of cookie recipes that are super simple and perfect to encourage making with kids.


Bakery Survey has been launched on 31st June 2017, is a leading informational blog providing you A-Z guidelines about Biscuits Recipes, Cookies Recipes and their Manufacturing procedures, Baking Industries, Equipments used for Baking Products, Quality Control Procedures of Biscuits.

Bakery Survey features the largest collection of professionally tested cookies and biscuits recipes online and industrially adopted manufacturing procedures from food technologist itself. You can easily navigate at this blog from one post to another.

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