A complete List of Bakery Ingredients

Ingredients in bakery product is differs according to variety. There are more than 100s of cookies and biscuits in the market but the basic ingredients remains same.

Biscuits are manufactured with a mixture of 10-20 ingredients. But only mixing is not sufficient you have add every ingredient in appropriate quantity to get the cookies or biscuits of desired quality.

The main and basic ingredients for a cookie are Wheat flour, Hydrogenated Vegetable oil (HVO), Sugar, Invert Syrup and Purified Water (UV Treated). These ingredients are added in a large quantity.

Although there are many other ingredients which decides the quality of Biscuits or cookies but these are main ingredients.

List of Bakery Ingredients

  • Cereals and Cereals Productsg. Wheat flour, Whole wheat flour
  • Sugar and its derivatives:g. Refined sugar (grinded sucrose granular size s-30 or m-31), Dextrose, Liquid Glucose, Malt extract, Black jack, Honey, Invert syrup.
  • Edible Starch Powder- Maize starch powder
  • Oil and fats: Refined/Hydrogenated palm oil, Olive oil, Vegetable oil.
  • Emulsifier and anti-oxidants: Soya lecithin, Glycerol Mono stearate (GMS), Sodium stero-2 Lactylate (SSL).
  • Leavening Agents: Ammonium bicarbonate (ABC), sodium bicarbonate (SBC), Sodium acid pyrophosphate (SAPP).
  • Nutrients: Nutrients and vitamins premixes (Every industry use these nutrients of their choice, so you can use any nutrient and vitamin of your choice in acute quantities)
  • Dough Conditioner: Sodium Meta bi-sulphite (SMBS) (Normally used in soft dough Varieties)
  • Fruit and fruit Products: Oats, Wheat bran, coconut powder, cashew nuts, cardamom, almond, peanuts etc. (depending upon varieties)
  • Milk and milk products: Butter, Skimmed milk (Liquid), Skimmed milk powder, Whole milk powder
  • Mould Inhibitors: Acetic acid, lactic acids etc.
  • Enzymes: Bio-bake, papain, yeast, fungal amylase (Normally used in hard dough varieties)
  • Artificial and natural colours: Sunset yellow, Tetra zine, Red bet, Annato, Caramel colour, etc.
  • Flavours: Vanillin, Ethyl Vanillin, Flavour oils (depending upon varieties)
  • Acidulates: Sodium Aluminium sulphate (SAS), Acid calcium Phosphate (ACP), Malic acid, Citric acid, Tartaric acid etc.
  • Miscellaneous: Common salt (NaCl), Cocoa Powder, Choco chips, Ginger powder, Garlic powder, Onion Paste, Onion Powder etc.

Note: The above mentioned is the complete list of Ingredients best of our knowledge, but they are not added in all the varieties of cookies or biscuits. You have to reject or avoid adding some ingredients while baking any variety of Cookies or biscuits.

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These ingredients of Cookies or biscuits has their different role and functioning in processing of Cookies or biscuits. Every Ingredient which you use affects the quality of final product.

So before using any ingredient you should ensure the quality of raw material is up to standard and lies in legal standards. If you used any raw material which has low quality then it always affects the quality of your final product.

Conclusion: We have shared a complete list of ingredients which is being used while processing of Biscuits or cookies.

However you cannot use all the ingredients in single variety. It’s better first to choose your variety of cookies or biscuit which you want to bake and then choose the ingredients from the list which you want to add in the cookie.

The functions and the role of every ingredients in biscuit or cookies is different from each other which we will discuss in our next post named “Biscuit or Cookies Ingredients and their Functions” while the individual functions of all the ingredients will be published in individual post.


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