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Family Pack Biscuit packing machine is one of the most efficient and low maintenance biscuit packing machine. Family pack machine provides the best slug packs with very good hygienic wrapping patterns.

Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine provides the best possible solution to all type of biscuit packing pattern and Biscuits Stock keeping units (SKU). The parts of Family Pack Machine is made of up food grade Stainless steel which adhere to food laws and standards globally.

 Family Pack Biscuit Packing Machine

Family Pack is one the most famous and widely used machine in industry for the packing of Biscuits into different SKUs. This is used to pack simple biscuits, sandwich biscuits as well as multi-slug biscuits.

This machine can be used to any type of packaging in biscuit industries, it can pack any type of biscuit irrespective of its shape and dimensions. No one can imagine a packing section in biscuit industry without a Family pack machine.

They come with flexible nylon lugs that can be removed with ease from the feeding chain.It ensures that the process is automated.

Features and Specifications of Family Pack Machine – Bakery Plant Machinery

The Family Pack Machines comes with two chutes and four chutes depending upon requirements. The Four Chute Family Pack Machine is made for High speed Packing of Family packs Biscuit ranges from 200g to 1000g.

  • It consists of a feeder unit having four chutes and running in synchronization with machine with help of Logic Controller.
  • Comes with automatic chute feeding attachment that fits in different stacks.
  • Biscuits directly transferred from stacker to chute.
  • Easy to change for different varieties.
  • This Feeder Unit Has Feeder fitted on ball screw unit which are given pulse through proximity switch which are connected to the LOGO which is programmed.
  • The Family Pack Machine with the four chute feeder attachment runs at the max speed of 35 pkt/min for 4 rows of biscuits and the pkt/min speed multiplies according to the ratio for 3 row pkt & 4 row packets.

E.g. 4 row Max Pkt / min – 35 Pkt/min the feeder cam below the unit run at a speed of 35 x 4 = 140 rods / min. Speed of 3 Row Pkt/min = 140 / 3 = 45 Pkt / min Speed of 2 Row Pkt/ Min = 140 / 2 = 70 Pkt / min.

Heater Load Motor Load Total Load Frequency Drive
Tempreture controller
1. Round Heater HindustanMotors. VA= 440v x 10A Telemecanique Shiva Control System
3 ph 440v 1.5Hp 1400 RPM current – 2.25 A or
400w x 2 = 800w 4400VA Range 0 to 380C fek
Or 4.4 KVA L.G. Make
2.Tube Heater 3 ph 220v 1.5 Hp 1400 RPM Current Load – 3.8 A 1.5 KW
250w x 2 = 1000w 5KVA
Eltek Make Induction Motor 230 / 440 V
Primary current – 6 A 4kw
Output 3 phase
Secondary Current – 1800w 220 V 1 Phase
Total Load – 36 A

Price of Family pack Biscuit Packing Machine in India

The Family pack Biscuit packing machine comes at a price of Rs 4.0 Lac. (Rs 4,00,000) supplies by Royal pack industries, Goregaon, Mumbai East.


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