Organizational Hierarchy in Bakery Industry- Production department

Every Organization works in Production department on different levels.

Everyone has different task to do for which he/she responsible without doing a single task production will not be achieved at maximum level.

Organizational Hierarchy in Bakery Industry in Production department is very simple and Precise with few designations of different roles and Responsibilities.

Hierarchy in any organization is very important for the growth of organization for achieving organisation and personal goals.

Therefore, it varies company to company and person to person w.r.t. of work and responsibilities.

But the most common organizational hierarchy which is being functional in many industries is as following:

Organizational Hierarchy in Bakery Industry

GM Operations

  • The hierarchy is starts with General Manager of operation or senior manager of Operations, then production manager or packing manager who is directly reporting to General Manager.

Production Manager

  • Responsible for achieving the production target
  • Maintaining HACCP, FSSC 22000, GMP, GHP, Personal hygiene
  • In Short, He is responsible to all the functioning in the production department.
Shift In-Charges and Shift Managers
  • After Manager there is a position for Shift In-charge & Shift Manager who is solely responsible for the production of bakery product in the production department.
  • Shift In-Charge or Shift Manager are different in every shift and the no. of shifts are different in every industry depends upon the production planning.
  • He directly reports to the Production Manager and indirectly to Operational General Manager.
  • Shift Managers have good technical knowledge about bakery products and they also do some online troubleshooting of bakery products if any problem occur from processing the dough to final product.
  • Undoubtedly, Healthy cookies will proved very helpful for bakery personnel to increase their knowledge in bakery field.
Supervisors and Production Officers/Executives
  • After shift In-charges or shift managers the next level in hierarchy is Supervisors and production officers or Production executives.
  • Supervisors are responsible for managing and stuffing the operators and helpers while production officers or production executives are responsible for baking the biscuits with desired quality.
  • Production officers or production executives have a plenty of bakery knowledge and their educational qualification also related to the food sector.
Operators and Helpers
  • Operators runs the machines in production department. One operator is responsible for one machine and he is responsible for achieving and completing the daily given target of production and packing in minimum time with minimum loss or wastage.
  • Helpers helps the operator to achieving the target with maximum utilization of resources, here the management of operators over helpers plays a vital role.

Conclusion: We have shared a post on organizational hierarchy in production department of bakery industry, while it may vary from place to place, company to company, shifts to shifts.

But by applying this hierarchy at your production department, you will get maximum output in terms of tons of production. GM operations is the senior most level in hierarchy and helpers or hygiene is the lowest.

So decide yourself at which level you want to be in future.

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