How to Control Scrap Coming out at Rotary Moulder in Biscuit Plant

Rotary moulder in any biscuit industry is the heart of biscuit plant because if it stops working a major break down will come in plant. Therefore, it is necessary to take some extra care at rotary and appoint a responsible and experienced operator there.

There are many problems which occurs at rotary moulder of a biscuit plant out of which scrap coming out of rotary is a big problem which is need to be controlled immediately otherwise this will count as wastage in biscuit plant.

Therefore, hereby we are providing you some points with which you can control the rotary problem if scrap is coming out in major quantity.

How to Control the Scrap Coming out at Rotary Moulder in Biscuit Plant

1. If scrap is coming more Reason: Water content is more in Dough (loose dough).

Solution: Increase the standing time.

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