How to Design a Biscuit Plant – Just an Outline

A factory of Biscuits and Cookies is not as easy to design as I documented in this post. The designing of biscuit plant requires extensive knowledge of Architect, Operational, Financial, Mechanical and Baking.

The design of biscuit plant is basically depends upon the size and Length of Oven. It depends upon industry each industry uses different lengths of ovens. Let us have a look Biscuit plant arrangement.

How to Design a Biscuit Plant: Just an Outline

Typically the factory is long and, for the most part, normally on only one floor. The reason for the length is principally due to the oven.

Tunnel ovens have baking bands that are usually between 800- 1400mm (31-55 inch) in width. The length of the oven determines the output capacity of the plant.

Ovens have been made up to 150 m in length but 60 m (about 200 feet) is probably the average length.

Ideally, and normally, the ingredients are stored and handled at one end of the factory.

Next to the ingredients store is the mixing area and next to that are the continuous production plants.

The baking plants feed cooling conveyors, which are often multi-tiered to save space, and the baked and cooled biscuits are then packed using high-speed machines.

In some factories secondary processes are involved after baking.

It is also possible that only semi-automatic packaging is used which requires manual feeding of the wrapping machines.

In these cases biscuits may be taken from the baking line and placed temporarily in boxes or stored in other ways.

These activities are typically labour intensive.


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