Jammie dodgers (Jam Filled) Short Dough British Cookies

The title of this article itself is Mouth-watering. If you are still not Getting my Point then You should Try these cookies – Jammie Dodgers.

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Jammie Dodgers as the name tells jam filled sandwich biscuits make up of short dough, very famous in brtish and favorite cookies of Britain. Jammie dodgers recipe is made up of short dough and a strawberry or raspberry cream sandwich between the shells of cookies or biscuits.

What are Jammie Dodgers?

Jammie Dodgers, also known as jammy dodgers are cookies or biscuits, made up of short dough and a raspberry or strawberry jam filled between the shells of biscuits sandwich. These are very tasty and  popular in British Biscuits.

These biscuits are famous in such a way that if your mom is going to buy it from a shop then definitely you will going to have a treat from your mom after lunch. Both kids and grown-ups love Jammie Dodgers which makes them the perfect addition to any treat.

Jammie Dodgers is a Brand name of a biscuits owned by a UK company named Burton’s Biscuit Company at its factory in Llantarnam situated at the south-east of Wales.

A version of this biscuit is made in France under the name Gateaux Sables Nappage Fraise by Pat’Boul de Provence. This version is bigger (100 mm (3.9 in) diameter) and has three round holes through which strawberry jam is visible. (Wikipedia)

History of Jammie Dodgers – Origin and Country

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Jammie Dodgers is the most famous brand of Biscuits which serve jam filled sandwich biscuits that are too tasty and mouth Watering not can resist. Everyone tries to eat and repeat.

Jammie Dodgers are originated back in 1960s originally by Burton’s Foods. In 2011, the brand was re-launched under the “Dodgers” umbrella with two new products: Toffee and Choccie.

So, the Origin Country of Jammie Dodgers Wales, United Kingdom.  Burton’s Food started the production of Jammie Dodgers are liked by almost everyone since 50+years.

Jammie Dodgers are the World’s most famous kid’s and grown-up sandwich biscuits! These sweet shortcake sandwiches with a sticky jammie filling have been a favorite for more than 50 years.

Ingredients and Preparation – Jammie Dodgers

The Jammie Dodgers are made up of sweet and short dough having low gluten content and an average fat content with a protein content of 8-9%.

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The Main ingredients of Jammie Dodgers are:

Biscuit Jam
Wheat Flour Strawberry
Fat Raspberry
Sugar Powder Sugar
Vanilla Powder Salt Powder
Invert Syrup Fat
Soya Lecithin  Water
Baking Powder  Lemon Juice
Egg (Optional)

Now its your choice which shape of Jammie Dodgers you want to bake, There are basically two Types of Jammie Dodgers a Pale Colour Sweet Round Sandwich, or a Heart shaped jam filled in centre sandwich biscuits.

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