Which Leavening Agents are Used in Biscuits – Bakery Products

If you heard about Leavening agent then you may be know that they are many in numbers. Leavening agents are vary from product to product. The Main Leavening agents used in biscuits are Ammonium bicarbonate (ABC) and Sodium bicarbonate (SBC). They are also known as raising agents.

Which Leavening Agents are Used in Biscuits – Bakery Products

Ammonium bicarbonate as a Leavening agent in Biscuits

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Ammonium bicarbonate is used in the food industry as an agent.

They are used as leavening agents where in application low final moisture content is reached in baked products such as short dough and crackers.

For escaping of ammonia during baking puncturing of biscuit is done.

Rotating cutter does this. It is used in products that are to be baked to low moisture content.

The reaction is: NH 4 HCO 3 → NH 3 + H 2 O + CO 2

In this reaction ammonia will be baked out provided the final moisture content is low enough and product is thin and porous enough to allow the gas to escape otherwise ammonia may retain in the product and result in off flavour.

Sodium bicarbonate as a Leavening Agent in Biscuits:

Sodium bicarbonate is primarily used in baking where it reacts with other components to release carbon dioxide that helps in “rise”.

It is highly hygroscopic and is a widespread leavener used due to its lower cost; lack of toxicity, ease of handling, relatively tasteless end products, and high purity of commercial supplies.

The Reaction is: 2NaHCO 3 → Na 2 CO 3 + H 2 O + CO 2

Sodium bicarbonate can be substituted for baking powder provided sufficient acid reagent is also added to the recipe. Many forms of baking powder contain sodium bicarbonate combined with one or more acidic phosphates or cream of tartar.

Above 70 °C, it gradually decomposes into sodium carbonate, water and carbon dioxide. The conversion is fast at 250 °C. It is active at acidic pH only and stops its activity at basic pH.

I Hope you are now clear about Leavening agents Sodium Bicarbonate and Ammonium Bicarbonate. Keep Visiting for more updates onn Biscuits and Bakery Products.

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