Rotary Moulder Process in Biscuit Plant – Complete Guide

Rotary or also known as Molder is the heart of Biscuit Industry. It decides the shape, size, texture, appearance, of a biscuit or cookie. This plays very important role in designing of biscuits and cookies. Rotary Molder is of automatic and semi automatic type but some industries still using manual rotary molder with rotating arms equipped with handles.

A Skilled operator is required to adjust rotary settings and to run the rotary molder continuously. As i said earlier, this is the heart of Biscuit Line, if it stops working a major breakdown will come during production. So it is very important to run the rotary continuously without breakdown to get maximum output from a biscuit plant.

ROTARY MOLDER in Biscuit Plant

  • This is the section in which the dough is shaped in required shape and size with the help of the Rotary molder.
  • This section is the combination of cutter, web & rollers and knife.
  • Rotary Molder has different no. groves in Rows & columns of same diameter or length and width.
  • Rotary Plays and Important role in the capacity of plant.
  • Rotary decides the output of a Biscuit Plant.

Function & Working of Rotary Molder in Biscuits Industry

  • After the standing time the dough is tilted up to Hooper.
  • Hooper have six cutter which are rotating opposite to each other very slowly that cut the bulk dough to small and allow to spread homogeneously on the Dough feeder web as thick layer.
  • The dough moved to the Dough feed cut 1 & Dough feed cut 2 that cut dough and spread on Dough feed roll
  • Dough feed roll take dough to the Hooper of Rotary molder.
  • The rotary have feed roll, which feed dough to the groove of molder and also have Knife which take out extra dough from Rotary molder.
  • The rotary is closely attached to the Endless web that carries the molded dough piece from groves of molder.
  • The molded dough carry by the Transfer web from Endless web and Transfer to the Wire Band of Oven.
  • All the Web at rotary has motor to run and knife to take out stick dough on the web

Process control at Rotary Molder in Biscuit Plant

  • Weight of Standard  unbaked cookies
  • Metal detector rejection of 1.5 mm Fe, 2.00 mm NFe and 2.50 mm SS.
  • Appearance of Unbaked cookies – clear die impression, no choke of die.
  • Distance between two cookies – Appropriate
  • Tail should not form.
  • Doubling of cookies.
  • Half cut cookies.

RPM of each web, roll & Molder- to be control and adjusted

  • Dough feeder web – 60
  • Dough feed cut 1 -343
  • Dough feed cut 2 -343
  • Dough feeder roll – 166
  • Rotary molder -1045 (19.5)
  • Endless web – 1025
  • Batch Transfer web – 1010
  • Panner web –980

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