Sequence of Raw Materials addition during Biscuit Manufacturing

The sequence of addition of Raw materials plays an important role in the manufacturing of Biscuits with desired quality and texture of biscuit. The sequence sometimes changed according to requirement and environmental conditions. But basically the sequence must be validated and never changed.

Mixing is the process in which all the ingredients are mixed to prepare the required dough for biscuits. Mixers used for mixing is High Speed Mixer with Z blade with two motor having capacity of 50 5 HP.

The Mixer uses for dough preparation in mixing section is usually jacketed type of mixer having inlet outlet valve so as to keep cool and hot as supply of cool and hot water as per the condition or requirement of recipe.

Sequence of Raw Materials addition during Biscuit Manufacturing

Add Left over Dough in the Mixer

Add Liquid, RPO, Lecithin in the mixer

Add sugar, broken and fat blend in the mixer, start Creaming for 4-5 mins at high speed

Addition of Chemicals (ABC, Salt, SBC mixed in water)

Addition of flavour and colour (Mixing slow for 3-4 mins)

Add SAPP, Dough Conditioner, Maida and mixing for 4-5 mins at Slow Speed

Open the mixer and empty it in a trolley or any Conveyor

The dough checked for temperature, pH, Consistency and stability.

This method is being used in many industries and a validated method for the sequence of addition of Raw Material during Mixing process. This Process affects the quality and texture of biscuits if we make any changes.

The quantity of raw materials also play an important role in biscuits manufacturing.

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