Storage of ingredients of Cookies or Biscuits in Bakery Industry

Storage of ingredients of Cookies or Biscuits in Bakery Industry

Ingredients should be stored at one end of the factory as near as possible to the mixing machines. Ingredients which are handled in bulk will be held in silos. These are either tanks for liquids, such as fats and syrups, or bins for dry materials like flour, sugar and starch.

Materials that are delivered in boxes, bags or drums will be held on the floors of the warehouse, usually on pallets to aid ease of movement from place to place. As part of the ingredient storage department there may be some equipment associated with pre-processing of ingredients prior to their allocation to the factory. Processes like washing of dried fruit, fat cooling and plasticising, bag opening and tipping into small holding bins will be involved. It is also common for small ingredients such as chemicals and flavours to be preweighed for each dough mixing by a member of staff using accurate scales.

Things to Keep in Mind while Handling Biscuits Ingredients (GMP)

The most important contribution you can make to the efficiency of the factory when working with ingredients is to ensure the following:

  • Stocks issued to the factory must be taken in rotation so that there is no possibility of old stock being unexpectedly mixed with new.
  • Watch for the description of the ingredient on the bag label. It is possible that an error has resulted in the wrong materials being delivered or used.
  • Do not issue, without reporting the fact, material that has been stored in a damaged container. There may be contamination or deterioration.
  • Keep the storage areas clean and tidy. Dirt on bags and other containers can easily fall into the mixer as they are opened and tipped.
  • Look out for infestations by insect, rodents and birds and report the situation without delay.
  • Avoid straining yourself; do not try to move heavy weights without help or using the appropriate machinery.
  • In a well managed factory you will probably be required to record what stocks you have issued or pre-processed. You will also be required to label clearly materials that have been prepared (for example washed or blended).

In this way there will be no misunderstanding about what was done and when. It is not unusual to find faults or to have queries. You must communicate. It is essential that if you are in doubt you should not hesitate to ask, even if you know that you should know the answer!

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