Types of Conveyors used at Rotary Moulder – Their Functions

Rotary Moulder is the most important area in any biscuits plant. Therefore, Here we are providing you the details of the conveyor or belts normally used at rotary and their functions.

Starts with:

  • Dough Feeding: This is the machine which feeds the dough from mixer to rotary moulder.
  • Dough Sheeter: The function of the dough sheeter is to compact and gauge the mass of dough into a sheet of even thickness. Within the sheeter the dough is compressed and worked to remove air and it is inevitable that some stresses are built up in the gluten structure. There is also a small increase in dough bulk density.
  • Dough Crushing: It is used to crush the dough into small pieces and feed the dough to rotary evenly as per the width of rotary via conveyor.
  • Metal Detector: Dough is passed through a metal detector which is fixed just above the conveyor. It can detect all types of metallic materials. If a metallic particle is present in dough, metal detector produces a characteristic sound and the dough is immediately removed from the conveyor automatically. This is one of the critical control points maintained at Cremica.

Types of Conveyors used at Rotary Moulder – Their Functions

The various other parts of the rotary section are as follows:-

  • Endless Belt
  • Transfer web conveyor
  • Cross conveyor or scrap conveyor
  • Panner web conveyor

Details of All the Parts at Rotary Moulder

Endless Web: This web is used to convey moulded dough from die roll to transfer web belt. Water and oil is added manually under the endless web, which softens the web (made of nylon) so that adhering force between mouldeddough and web is maintained.

Biscuit transfer web: This is used to carry moulded dough from apron belt to panner web belt. It is also used to sprinkle the sugar and to stop unwanted sugar to move on panner web belt.

Scrap Recovery Web: It is used to removes scrap adhering to the apron belt. Scrap falls on cross scrap conveyor belt. Scrap collected in a bucket and again put on the kibbler star. In case scrap is found which is attached to the biscuit, the distance between the belts is increased so that the scrap falls between the belts.

Panner Web:This is used to carry molded dough from transfer web belt to wire-bend.

It can serve following functions:

  1. Length of molded dough can be increased by increasing speed of panning table belt.
  2. For proper placing of molded dough on the wire-bend.
  3. Detach molded dough from apron belt and goes for baking in the oven.

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