What are Reducing Sugars & their Use in Bakery Products?

Reducing sugars and reducing agents are more or less are equal terms. A reducing sugar is any type of sugar i.e. capable of acting as a reducing agent. In baking products like biscuits we use reducing sugars as a platform for make happen maillard’s reaction which allows browning of product by reacting reducing sugars with proteins at a very high temperatures.

What are Reducing Sugar?

Reducing sugar are any type of sugar which acts as reducing agent. Reducing sugars are mainly mono saccharides and capable to reduce itself in more simpler forms. Monosaccharides along with some disaccharides, oligosaccharides, and polysaccharides acts as reducing sugars.

Why Reducing sugars are used in Biscuits or baking products ?

Reducing  sugars makes a platform for Maillard’s reaction to react easily with proteins and gives a brown colour to baked product. This reaction occurs at very high temperature. In oven, this usually happens in last zone which is also known as the fifth zone of an oven in biscuit industry.

Functions of Reducing Sugars in Biscuits- Baking Products

Reducing sugars provide the very first step in the Maillard reaction which occurs by reacting of a sugar particle (reducing) with an amino acid (protein). The browning reaction produced by reducing sugars is necessary in producing crust, desirable caramel colors as well as imparting great flavors to baked products such as breads and bread items, cookies, and cakes.

The level of reducing sugar added into a recipe entirely depends upon the desired final product attribute which we need either of the crust coloring and intensity of flavor. Higher the sugar quantity greater the Coloring of the crust and greater the flavor in biscuits.

Visually, bakers and consumers can note that the darker the crust of a baked item, the greater the flavor. For example, biscuits are expected to have a slight caramel color with light browning on the crisp outer surface.

Examples of Reducing sugars are: glucose, fructose, dextrose, galactose, and disaccharides such as maltose, lactose and sucrose.

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