What Your Bakery Industry Wants from You

Your company exists to make a profit! The means of earning this profit is by making and selling biscuits (and possibly other products).

The products that are made are designed to meet current market needs and to this end they have specifications in terms of pack size, biscuit eating qualities and appearance and ingredient types and quantities.

What Your Bakery Industry Wants from You

These specifications define limits and it is the task of the production department to ensure that only biscuits which meet the specifications are packed and sold. All substandard product must be disposed of through other routes and will represent a financial loss to the company.

The production cost of a product is a combination of ingredient and packaging material costs, labour (which involves the production time), fuel for the machines and baking, and overheads which include management, maintenance and other support services.

A significant cost is the labour associated with the production time. The efficiency of production, which is measured by the quantity of sale able product produced in a specified time, is an important aspect of the product.

The duty of the Production Department to the company is to produce a minimum of scrap product and have a minimum of production downtime. Both of these requirements are influenced strongly by the skills and performance of the plant operators cost.


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