Why Acids are Being Used in Bakery Products?

Yes, you have read it right “Acids are beings used in bakery products on industrial scale”.

But don’t be so surprised & shocked just read this post complete and i think that will make you feel relax. “Acid” is a Latin term translating to “sour”.

Sour is a very appropriate term to describe acid because any acidic substance has a sour taste such as lemon juice or vinegar.

So if we say we are adding lemon or Vinegar in Baking products that also termed as acid.

But there are other acids too that are being used in bakery products manufacturing.

Does They Affects Human Health on Consumption? Read the complete post to clarify your doubts.

Type of Acids used in Bakery Products (Bread, Biscuit, Cakes)

Ingredients such as lemon or lime juice, apple cider vinegar, buttermilk, honey, coffee or cocoa powders are common ingredients that are acids used in the baking process of Breads, Biscuits, Cookies, cakes, muffins, and pancakes where such a chemical reactions are exhibited.

Most Commonly Used Acids in Biscuits Manufacturing/ Baking are as Following:

What are Acids?

An acid is a substance or compound dissolves in water that release Hydrogen ions, or H+ ions into a surrounding solution. Acidic substances can be identified via litmus paper.

Why Acids used as an Ingredient in Bakery Products?

Acids plays a vital role in baking. In hard biscuits, acids affect yeast fermentation and extend shelf life through the use of vinegar (acetic acids) and cultured wheat.  In cookies and cakes, acids affect the chemical leavening.

Role and Functions of Acids in bakery products

In baking, acids add a tangy or sour note when such flavors are desired. Sour milk products, lemon juice, and fruit products are acids used in the baking industry to enhance flavor and add a sharp taste, or balance flavors of sweetness such as in sourdough bread, raisin bread, and turnovers or pastries.

How to Identify a weak Acid/ Strong Acid or Weak Base/ Strong Base?

Take a Litmus paper. If a sample of litmus paper exhibits a red color after contacting a substance, the substance is indeed an acid.

In regards to the pH scale, acids have a pH value lower than 7.

The addition of an acidic substance into a primarily basic substance causes the basic substance to weaken and vice versa.

If an acidic ingredient is included in a recipe, an alkali ingredient, otherwise known as a base, must balance the substance out.

Therefore, Baking soda – NA2HCo3 is the most commonly used alkali in baking.

In recipes containing an acidic ingredient and a balancing agent of a base, they act as a leavening agent, increasing the volume of the baked good.

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